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Benchtop Basics 101>Episode 10>

Benchtop Basics No. 10

Procedures to Premixing 2-Stroke Oil and Gas


Step by step pictures and instructions listed below. (Note: The pictures listed below are of a Polini 910 Carena with a Polini 4.2hp air-cooled engine, but the basic setup is the same on all Polini and Bi-Zeta engine Pocketbikes.)

Step  1

Make sure you have a clean dedicated gas can and measuring container. Theexample below is with a 5 gallon container, but I recommend using a 1 gallon if you own a single Pocketbike. The reason for this is, you always want to have fresh fuel and not some fuel that has been sitting around for a month or two. The Polini and Bi-Zeta engines burn such a low amount of fuel, that the 5 gallon container could take weeks or even months to use up.

Step  2

Use name brand 2-Stroke premix oil. (The example below is KLOTZ 2-Stroke oil, which can usually be found at your local motorcycle shops.)

Step  3

Follow the ratio of gas to oil, usually found on the back of the 2-stroke oilcontainer. Polini and Bi-Zeta engines use a 50 to 1 ratio, which means 50 parts fuel and 1 part oil. The chart on the back of the  2-stroke oil container should show the amount of oil necessary to mix in either a 1 gallon container or a 5 gallon container.

Step  4

Pour the 2-stroke oil into the measuring cup stopping at the exact amount that was indicated by the 2-stroke oil manufacturer.

Step  5

Pour the oil into the fuel container. It is recommended to start with an empty fuel container so the fuel to oil ratio will be accurate.

Step  6

Make sure you use premium fuel only when filling the container. I would recommend filling the container half way at first so you can give it a good shake to help mix the oil and gas. Once you’ve given it a good mix, go ahead and finish filling it, either to the appropriate level marked on the container or by the pump meter.

Step  7

The picture below is giving an example of mixing the oil and fuel once more by gently shaking it with the container completely sealed.

Step  8

Now you’re ready to fill your Pocketbike.  Try not to spill any on the Pocketbike plastic. The fuel may eventually discolor your paint or may even remove it.

Finished now your ready to ride.

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