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Polini Minimoto (Pocket Bikes)

We offer a full range of Polini Motori Pocket bikes / Minimotos along with replacement or upgrade parts & accessories. The entire 2007 Polini Pocket bike product line is available. You can view each category by simply clicking on the links listed below.
Here is a break down on the categories :-
Minimoto/Pocket Bike Machines

Minimotos / Pocketbikes

- 910 Carena, Scooterino, 911, 910 Steel GP2 & GP3
Minimoto/Pocket Bike Spares & Accessories

Engines (Complete)

- Complete engine with carburetor, clutch & pull starter

Engine Parts

- All internal and exterior parts for the engine

Clutch (Polini)

- Polini clutch shoes, drums, housings and any other related parts

Clutch (Bi-Zeta)

- Bi-Zeta clutch shoes, drums, housings and any other related parts

Final Drive

- Chains, sprockets, pinions & and any other related parts

Fuel System

- Complete carburetors, fuel tanks, air filters, throttle assembly & cable

Exhaust System

- Standard & race exhaust systems

Cooling System

- Radiators, water pumps & any other related parts


- Coils, kill switch & spark plugs


- Calipers, discs (rotors), brake pads, brake cables & brake levers


- Replacement fairings, fenders & seat units (does not include fuel tanks)


- Frames, swing arms, any brackets & fittings

Front End

- Forks, triple clamps & handlebars

Wheels & Tires

- Wheels, axles, tires & air valves


- Tools for engine disassembly, removal of clutch & pinion (Polini & Bi-Zeta)


- Jackets, vests, T-shirts, caps, coveralls & sweatshirts with Polini logo

Blue Line

- Promotional goods - banners, flags, stickers, hay bale bags, umbrellas, etc.


- Workshop stands, pit (machine) stands, minimoto covers, oil & mixing jars
Additional Info Tools

910 Carena & Dirt Road

- Complete 910 Carena & Dirt Road model schematic

910 Carena S

- Complete 910 Carena S model schematic


- Complete Scooterino model schematic

910 Steel GP2

- Complete 910 Steel GP2 model schematic

911 Dreambike

- Complete 911 Dreambike model schematic

4.2 Air-Cooled

- 4.2hp Polini air-cooled engine schematic

6.2 Air-Cooled

- 6.2hp Polini air-cooled engine schematic

6.2 Water-Cooled

- 6.2hp Polini water-cooled engine schematic

50cc Polini

- 50cc Polini engine schematic

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