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Minimoto's in the United States


Started in Japan in the seventies this sport is relatively unknown and understood here in the United States. Minimoto racing, also known as Pocketbike or Mini bike racing, is one of the fastest growing two wheeled motor sports in Europe and is slowly becoming more popular worldwide. The Europeans, mainly Italian and Dutch, caught onto these little machines years ago. Powered by no more than your average garden tool engine, there was room for development. Over the years the machines have grown into full-blooded racers. Currently the Italians are the largest producers of Minimoto machines and parts. Do not be fooled! These things are not toys for deep-pocketed rich kids. They allow the average guy in the street the opportunity to become a racing star on a budget. Beware though - it is highly addictive!

With the amount of TV airtime that Minimoto is receiving in Europe and more people in USA having access to the European Motorcycle Sporting arena, the Minimoto machines have a growing awareness here in the USA. Unfortunately there is no or little understanding of the sport-taking place yet. With the help of US National and Regional Racing Associations, Pocketbike Dealers, and US Importers, this is going to change. Being one of the largest online Minimoto resellers in the USA, we are dedicated to growing and developing the sport.

Understandably, as a spectator, it is hard to comprehend the great potential of these little machines. Once you have had a few minutes on board, you will see what the fun is all about. This is a great starting ground for young and even older riders. One has to admit that there is a poor showing in the GP races of US names. This could change if people see the advantage of Minimoto racing here in the USA. A few years down the road there may be a wealth of American names on the worldwide circuit if  Minimoto is given a chance here in the United States. A large amount of the Italian and Japanese Championship racers started their riding careers on Minimotos. Listed below are a few of the famous riders that are well known in the Championship Racing Circuit.


Valentino Rossi

Age: 32
Date of Birth: February 16, 1979
Place of Birth: Urbino, Italy

Career Highlights:
1991 - Wins first minimoto race
1992 - National Championship Italian Minimoto - First
1994 - Italian Sports Prod. Championship 125cc - First
1995 - Italian Champion 125cc - First
1997 - World Championship 125cc - First
1999 - World Championship 250cc - First
2001 - World Championship 500cc - First
2001 - Suzuka 8 hours - First
2002 - World Championship MotoGP - First
2003 - World Championship MotoGP - First
2004 - World Championship MotoGP - First
2005 - World Championship MotoGP - First
2006 - World Championship MotoGP - Second



Loris Capirossi

Age: 38
Date of Birth: April 4th, 1973
Place of Birth: Bologna, Italy
Career Highlights:
1990 - World Championship 125cc - First
1991 - World Championship 125cc - First
1993 - World Championship 250cc - Second
1998 - World Championship 250cc - First
1999 - World Championship 250cc - Third
2001 - World Championship 500cc - Third
2003 - World Championship MotoGP - Fourth
2006 - World Championship MotoGP - Third



Nobuatsu Aoki

Age: 40
Date of Birth: August 31, 1971
Place of Birth: Gumma, Japan
Career Highlights:
1983 - First racing experience on Minimotos
1985 - Japanese Minimoto Championship - First
1986 - 50cc Minibike - multiple race winner
1987 - Triple Japanese Minibike Champion - First
1993 - First GP Season, Malaysian GP - First
1997 - World Championship 500cc - Third



Daijiro Kato

Age: Deceased
Date of Birth: April 7, 1971
Place of Birth: Saitama, Japan
Career Highlights:
1979 - First racing experience on Minimotos
1985 - Japanese Minimoto Champion - First
1988/1991 - Japanese Minibike Champion - First
1997 - Japanese Championship 250cc - First
2001 - World Championship 250cc - First
2002 - World Championship MotoGP - Seventh
2002 - Suzuka 8 hours - First


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