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When I found out about pocket bike racing for kids, i took Rocco to watch a race in Buttonwillow, California at the kart track that was being organized by NCminiGP.  I literally had never seen him so excited.  He ran up to the fence, was jumping all around, begging me to let him ride.  On the way home that day he asked to go ride his dirt bike as soon as possible.  So we got him a couple used pocket bikes from one of the dads (Erik Anderson) and did two practice days to get Rocco some practice.  Our first race was at the 3rd round of the 2010 NCminiGP/SCminiGP season and Rocco placed 1st in his first race ever.  Part of me was blown away and part of me was not surprised at all.  He loves it so much.  Every race we go to, he gets better and better and continues to figure out and excel at the ART of Motorcycle Roadracing.  

Stoney Landers (Dad)


Bo Landers got her start at Minimoto this summer in 2011 after spending many weekends attending races with the family and watching Rocco do his thing.  I put a bike together for her from parts i had around.  She, Rocco, and Bandit helped me sticker her bike up with tap shoes, flowers and pretty things.  She did amazing her first race and has racked up some top 5 finishes with a best finish of 2nd place in the all girls race in Atwater, Ca on 10 July 2011.  She has to be pretty much the cutest racer i have EVER seen.  When she goes by she smiles, looks around, and waves a lot, all the while beating boys and learning the Art of Motorcycle Roadracing.

Stoney Landers (Dad)

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