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GPT.RPM2001 - GPT Digital Tachometer
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Detailed Description

G.P.T. ENGINEERING S.A.S. is the industry leader in Pocketbike RPM and Temperature Tachometers. They are an Italian manufacture and pride themselves on the quality and function of their products. The Power Digital Rpm Tachs are compact modular systems that are ideal for Pocketbike racing.

They offer real time RPM display and are simple to install. You simply connect to a spark plug lead or negative coil wire.

Various options are available including systems with an additional water temperature display.


  • Digital watch
  • RPM display
  • Total Engine hours
  • Max RPM reached
  • Led for RPM Rev limit setting
  • 12 volts internal battery

  • Size 2” height, 4” wide, 0.5” depth
  • Weight 2.5 ounces
Part Numbers:

  • GPT.RPM2001 - GPT pocket digital tachometer - RPM only
  • GPT.RPM2006 - GPT digital tachometer - RPM and H20
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