Workshop stand complete - M1 (Includes lower stand and benchtop stand)


Workstand Full Height Position

Workstand Half Height Position

Bench Top Standalone


STAND TOP DESCRIPTION: The bench top stand is designed to mount on the workshop stand base or be used stand alone on a workbench, toolbox, table or floor. It uses a heavy metal base with adjustable width design to accommodate all models of Pocketbikes. Adjustable swing arm brace, which allows you to change the length and or height to accommodate each unique Pocketbike swing arm design and overall balance point. Ratchet style quick release clamp, which is used to lock the adjustable swing arm brace in place. Foot stabilizers have a slight angle applied, which allows the stand to be more stable on uneven surfaces.
STAND BASE DESCRIPTION: Heavy metal base with mid joint to adjust working height to accommodate standing position or sitting position. Foot stabilizers are angled downwards from the base neck, which allows the stand to be more stable on uneven surfaces. Detachable foot stabilizers to allow for more compact storage when disassembled, which makes storage and or transporting much easier.


Full Position = 47"

Half Position = 29"

Bench Position = 9.5"


Bench Top = 16"

Lower Base = 26"


Full Position = 15.5 lbs

Half Position = 13.5 lbs

Bench Position = 6.0 lbs


E-Coat (Electrocoat)


Structural ASTM A-500 Gr. B 16 gauge, 1" and 1 1/4" sq. tubing

Mid-South MiniMoto is proud to introduce the Ultimate Pocketbike Stand M1 series. After months of research and development, we feel we have produced the most versatile Pocketbike stand on the market today.

The new Ultimate Pocketbike Stand M1 fits not only European Racing Pocketbikes but also China “CAG” style Pocketbikes. This is the first Pocketbike stand that allows you to change the foot peg support width, length and height adjustment for the swing arm brace to allow for proper balance and level of the bike, two stand level heights to allow working on the bike in a full standing position or in the seating position., and also has a detachable bench top stand, which allows you to use it on top of a workbench, tool box, table, floor, etc. The entire design is based around functionality, including the disassembly process, which allows for a compact storage of all the components. The lower base allows each foot stabilizer to detach to reduce storage size. The entire storage footprint allows for ease of transportation so that the stand can be transported to and from races without the need of a truck or trailer.

The entire stand is finished with E-Coat (Electrocoat), which is a process where the parts are first cleaned and pretreated with a phosphate conversion coating to prep the part for electrocoating. Parts are then dipped into a paint bath where direct current is applied between the parts and the "counter" electrode. Paint is attracted by the electric field to the part and is deposited on the part. Parts are removed from the bath, rinsed to reclaim undeposited paint solids, and then baked to cure the coating. The end result gives a consistent finish internally and externally and is scratch and corrosion resistant.

Available in black color only. Detailed photos of each component are shown below:

(Click each photo for larger image)

Price: $142.95
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Manufactured by MSM

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