10+ horsepower

Banshee GP 50cc Water-Cooled Pocketbike

Banshee GP

Prices and Specifications listed below



two stroke monocylinder


liquid cooled


10+ horsepower


Dell'Orto Style - 18.5mm




premium gas / 2% oil premix


reed valve in the crankcase


pull start with self winding cable


dry with centrifugal counter weights


CMIG-Welded Cast/Extruded Aluminum


F - 90/65 / R - 110/50

Front Brake

Dual 120 mm disc


Single 120 mm disc


1.8 Liters (0.48 US gal.)




61 lbs


40 inches


10.50 inches


17.5 inches

The Banshee GP (also known as the Banshee AMH2X, H20 and SHO) is known for its performance and handling when compared to other Pocketbikes manufactured in China. The Banshee is designed after the GRC Moto GP Racing Pocketbike, which was one of the most popular Italian Pocketbikes for many years due to the high quality finish and performance. The stock engine in the Banshee is designed after the Polini Italian motor, which is widely used in most Italian Pocketbikes throughout the world today. Many of the internal and external components of the Banshee are interchangeable with the higher quality Italian made products from GRC Moto, Polini, Bi-Zeta, PMT and many other brands.

The China made Banshee Pocketbikes come with good quality components but do not mistake the high specs of the European made Pocketbike products. China made Pocketbikes are clones of the European models and do follow most standards but the European companies have spent many years of research and development and the attention to detail is of the highest quality in the Industry today. All European Pocketbikes are built for one purpose only, which is to race and to win races against other competitor's products. The advantage of the Banshee and many other China made Pocketbikes is that an entry level racer can gain access to the sport of racing Pocketbikes for a lower overall cost.

Mid-South MiniMoto's mission is to offer the highest quality Italian replicas available! There are many different Chinese made Pocketbikes on the market. All of Mid-South MiniMoto's bikes are fully supported by largest in stock supply of Pocketbike replacement or upgrade parts and accessories in North America.

Available in Solid and Multi Colored Bodywork. Photos of various colors are shown below:

(Click each photo for larger image)

Banshee GP Prices

Engine Type *
10+hp 50cc
Price * *

* For engine specs.

* * Prices listed are for solid painted bodywork, add $25.00 for multi color painted bodywork.

* Engine model descriptions listed below.

10+hp 50cc

10+hp Water-cooled 49.3cc (40mm x 39mm bore & stroke) with compression ratio of 16.5:1 and five-port Banshee engine and piston (50cc). Dell'orto style 18.5mm carburetor and air filter with four petal reed induction into crankcase. High performance exhaust system with aluminum end can (muffler). Two shoe adjustable dry clutch with centrifugal counter weights and 80mm clutch drum. 6.5" cast alloy one piece wheels, 90/65 front & 100/50 rear tubeless treaded tires, dual 120mm front and single 120mm rear disc brakes.

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