AC-12 Axis MC-4

AC-12 Axis MC-4

The new AC-12 by HJC incorporates racer-tested features such as the Advanced Composite Material (ACM) shell and an Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (ACS) to provide one of the most technologically advanced helmets in its class.


Super-Lightweight "ACM" Shell Construction

  • "ACM" (Advanced Composite Material) Shell constructed using advanced fiberglass & Spectra® composite weave
  • Two-piece channeled Dual-Density EPS liner
  • Large eye port opening for greater visibility
  • Two shell sizes for a more comfortable fit

Flow-Through "ACS" Advanced Channeling Ventilation System

  • Dual flow-through channels
  • 2 high capacity, multi-stage, forehead intake vents
  • Rear venturi exhaust spoiler and 2 lower exhaust vents

Anti-Fog System

  • Side chin bar mounted vortex vents create a low-pressure vacuum effect drawing heat and moisture out of the face shield area
  • Adjustable chin vent re-directs air upward and across shield interior
  • Anti-fog treated 3D shield.

Removable AquaTrans "Open Cell" Interior Liner

  • Easily removable liner and cheek pads for cleaning or custom fitting
  • AquaTrans interior material quickly wicks moisture away from the skin
  • Open Cell technology foam allows for increased internal air circulation
  • Streamline, wrap-around neck roll reduces wind noise
  • Padded chin strap design

Nylon strap retention snap

  • Neatly secures excess chin strap

Next Generation, 2 Stage Compression Shield Closure System

  • A two-stage pivot mechanism, compresses the shield into the eye port gasket providing an extremely secure seal
  • Improved, no guess work, tool-less shield removal and installation
  • Aerodynamic flush mounted fit for reduced turbulence
  • Scratch resistant hard coated shield
  • Optically superior 3D design
  • Rated at 95% UV resistant

Built-in Communication System Speaker Cavity

Soft Textile Helmet Storage Bag Included


Standards: Dot-218, Snell M-2005
Construction: (ACM) Fiberglass and Spectra
Weight: 1600 grams (approximate based on size medium solid color)

Price: $263.99
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Manufactured by HJC

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