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Mid-South MiniMoto - About Us

Our Purpose

From the beginning Mid-South Minimoto has been about expanding the horizons of the sport of Minimotoing in the U.S. in addition to helping individuals both around the planet and locally find reliable access to bikes, parts, and accessories. 

Mid-South Minimoto will be on hand across Northern and Southern California providing race support for the up and coming Road Race stars of our future. 

Many riders have climbed into the Pro ranks via pocket bike road racing. It is Mid-South’s intention to help provide support for kids and their families regardless of their experience or road racing knowledge.

We want to help anyone racing Minimoto bikes have a fun and successful adventure.

We are your number one source for Pocketbikes / Minimotos. We have the largest selection of parts and accessories around. We are committed to our customers by providing them quality products and the customer service one would expect. Take a moment to browse our in depth information areas and get those hard to find tips, tricks, and guides. Looking for a hard to find part, or want a new pocketbike? Browse our online showroom and find that perfect replacement part or accessory! No matter your need we are here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week on the web.  We can also be reached during business hours on the phone at (541) 589 2795


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